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Company History

EF Motorsports EF Motorsports is a new-generation dealership with years of experience in the automotive industry located right in your neighborhood. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to make our customers so pleased with their purchase that they will share the news of our quality customer service and will consider us for their next purchase.

Our finance department and staff have over 70+ years of accounting and customer service. Our full service department has over 50+ years of repair and maintenance expertise in the ever changing technological field of automotives. We want our customers to meet us, do business with us, and remain with us as family because our aim is to service their automotive needs for years to come. We take pride in retaining customers as well as employees. Seventy-five percent of our employees have been with us for ten years or more.

As a 40+ year member of the Virginia Independent Automotive Dealers Association (VIADA), EF Motorsports plans to be in the automotive industry for a very long time. We have a large inventory of vehicles, excellent prices, quality staff, and unbeatable service. We value your patronage and will continue to be your neighborhood dealership.

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